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Creating a diverse brand identity for myself, Sam Graphic Design. This brief was created by John McFaul and overseen by Bill Strohacker. 

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The brand guidelines below, are the foundational elements that make up Sam Graphic Design. This forms the base of the brand which can be expanded upon, including through colour pallete and graphical elements. 



To create a brand identity for myself, reflecting the what and why of who I am. The branding needs to be adaptable across multiple mediums and communication platforms.




This brief was created by John McFaul and overseen by Bill Strohacker, owner and tutor of Strohacker Design School and previous editor of Smash Hits magazine.


Concept & Development


I gravitate to the outdoors. Always. From adventuring in the wilds of the mountains; ski touring; rock climbing; or sitting in a city park. I love to observe, taking inspiration from the best designer in the world, Mother Nature … I’m my happiest when I’m outside and discovering and I wanted my brand to represent this side of me.


Contour and map lines were used as my foundational inspiration, then I added ‘personal icons’ as map icons to represent different aspects of my personality,  life and interests.


The colour palette was influenced by a sunset in my favourite landscape - the Morzine mountains. The colours are gentle, enabling them to be very flexible across multiple mediums whilst still bright, representing the fun side of me.


The logo has been kept simple and can be used as a single entity when needed. All elements of the branding can be used individually or together creating maximum flexibility across differing platforms.


The key aim with my branding was to capture the fun adventurous side of myself as well as portraying my creative flair.

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