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Wandering Wild is a magazine editorial project. The project was directed by Bill Strohacker, editor of Smash Hits. Wandering Wild is a high quality, coffee table magazine showcasing travel and adventure from a new perspective. The editorial layouts highlight this through individuality, simplicity and flair.

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Utilising format, layout, typography, photography, illustration and art direction to communicate directly to your target audience create a magazine that is imaginative, pleasing to look at and read, but also caters to a strongly-defined target readership.




This brief was created and overseen by Bill Strohacker, owner and tutor of Strohacker Design School and previous editor of Smash Hits magazine.


Concept & Development


Outdoor adventures and extreme video-photography/photography are strong passions of mine. Having lived in the French Alps for 4 years I have keenly read lots of materials related to these topics so, when it came to this project, creating a magazine for the outdoor adventure sector was a clear choice.

Wandering Wild is a high quality, coffee table magazine tackling travel and adventure from a new perspective. It takes on subjects such as cultural, and environmental issues that impact our day-to-day lives and touches on self-belief, self-care, inclusivity, sustainability and much more. The magazine combines travel tips, epic stories, extreme sports and cultural issues to bring you an exciting and thought-provoking perspective to the outdoor world.

If you would like a copy please e-mail me :

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