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Marner is a denim apparel project. This project covered all stages of developing an apparel brand, from brand identity creation, to artwork mock-ups and concepts.

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Below are the elements that make up the Marner Brand Guidelines of the apparel label.



Design a denim brand from identity, to design and apparel.




This brief was created and overseen by Nick Williams, former Head of Graphics at Levis and Puma and current designer/founder of 4th Avenue Graphics.


Concept & Development


Inspired by my grandmother’s Cornish heritage and the children's novel The Mousehole Cat, I chose to evolve a denim brand that reflected the fishing and maritime heritage of the Cornish coast and its rugged coastal landscape.


The Brand name Marner name means “sailor” in Cornish.


The brand ethos is... “Marner: uniting like-minded people through a sense of Cornish community, with the maritime community and ocean adventure seeker at the forefront”.


I aimed to create a balance between fashion and practicability, emphasising focus on environmental impact and sustainability. With this in mind, the denim design was focused on simplicity, trying to bring the ocean feel through in a natural, raw, yet eye-catching way.

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