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Pinnacle is a gardening company owned by Cameron Skinner. Cameron came to me wanting a re-brand for his company from logo, to apparel, web elements and van wraps. The logo needed to be 'slick' and 'high end'.

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Below are some parts of the Pinnacle brand guidelines. For every client, I provide a guideline pack clearly outlining the use of all aspects of the brand I create for them.



Create a modern, boutique-feel brand for a high-end gardening company using gold and black as the main colours. 



Pinnacle Garden Design owned by Cameron Skinner. 


Concept & Development


Cameron was very clear that he wanted to go for a boutique, hand-drawn feel to his brand using black and gold as the main colours. 

To start, I mood-boarded ideas and concepts that would fit with his vision. After discussing several options and exploring a few styles we decided to go with a very fine hand drawn design.

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