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This was an advertising project to promote the main essence of the Design Museum in order to drum up new interest. The project was led by award-winning Art Director, Simon Cheshire. 

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Design an advertising campaign for the Design Museum that highlights its essence and makes it stand out from the other top London museums and attractions.




This brief was created and overseen by award-winning Art Director Simon Cheshire.


Concept & Development


The main exhibit of the Design Museum at the time of the brief was all about the evolution of different design products.


Although I had many campaign ideas and concepts the one I decided to execute was “in the beginning... design”.


This campaign played upon the concept of the beginning of time, the starting point of evolution… the wording, a biblical spin off, potentially controversial yet thought and conversation-provoking.


The imagery represents the evolution of design from sketch, to high-fidelity design, to finished product… in this way, the campaign not only shows how the product itself has evolved over the years, but how there is even evolution within the design process.


This campaign is highly adaptable, the concept can be applied to any product in the Design Museum’s exhibition. It could be developed on multiple platforms beyond the more simple print design explored here, such as interactive 3D models for VR headsets.

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