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This was a book cover design based on the concepts taught by Jessica Hische. This book cover is for Philip Pullman's trio of magical adventure novels 'His Dark Materials'. 

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Design and illustrate a book jacket of your choosing, conveying the spirit of the book through the lettering, colour and graphics.




This brief was created and overseen by Jessica Hische, an eminent letter artist for Penguin.


Concept & Development


Using one of my favourite book collections, His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, I evolved a book cover design with the intention of conveying the magic and mystery of the book series.


Incorporating points on a compass within the design is obviously a nod to one of the book titles within the collection (The Golden Compass), but it was also my intent for it to allude to the wider notion of ‘journey’ - the journey of the characters and the journeying and travelling within the storylines of the books.


I deliberately drew upon the first letter of the author’s name ‘P’, as the cornerstone of the design as this was the direction from Jessica Hische.


Golden silhouettes of notable characters from the series were also incorporated to evoke familiarity in returning readers, and create allure and introduction to the characters for new readers.

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